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RUN THE SHOW with IMAGEWelcome to the Run the Show Podcast.   A conversational podcast about what happens on the other side, the behind the scenes of a show, program, tour.  Laura Milke-Garner talks with all the movers and shakers behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. Chats with Producers, Arts Managers, Artists Directors, Program Managers and so much more! 

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Episode 8: Declan Fay (TV Writer & Producer) – Release date 13 Dec 2018

Declan started his career as a fat baby on Prisoner, before moving onto more meatier roles such as ‘Kid who says “Goodnight Australia”’ on Young Talent Time. Since then he has written for The Chaser, Rove, Dirty Laundry Live, Problems and the kid’s comedy series, You’re Skitting Me. He has also written for documentaries such as Felicity’s Mental Mission (ABC) and Hipsters (SBS).

Last year he worked as the series producer and head writer for the ABC sketch series Fancy Boy, which also screened on Seeso in the United States. He is also the co-creator and co-writer of the  ABC comedy, Ronny Chieng: International Student, which will screen on Comedy Central in the US early next year.

Declan has directed a number of award-winning comedy stage shows, such as Felicity Ward in The Hedgehog Dilemma (Nominated 2012 Barry Award, MICF), David Quirk’s Shaking Hands with Danger (Winner 2013 Piece of Wood Award, MICF) and Ronny Chieng’s Chieng Reaction(Winner 2014 Director’s Choice Award, MICF, 2014 Best Show Sydney Comedy Festival).

On radio, Declan has worked on Triple R, Triple J and five years ago, started The Sweetest Plum podcast, which became the top rating podcast in Australia, before completely selling out and taking a pile of money to move to Triple M where he hosted the Sydney Drive show.

More info:

In this episode:  In this episode – we chat about moving from being on stage to being behind the scenes as a writer/producer and director, what makes a good script, the process of putting a TV show together from scratch, writing for other people, knowing your strengths and weaknesses and the fear of failure.

Episode 7: Claire Bartholomew and Daniel Tobias from Salvador Dinosaur. Performers & Producers.

Salvador Dinosaur is the creative partnership between Clare Bartholomew and Daniel Tobias. They are the multi-award winning creators of Otto & Astrid (Die Roten Punkte), The Orchid and the Crow, and Sunny Ray and the Magnificent Moon. Since 2006 they have toured their irreverent brand of cabaret theatre to the USA, Canada, Europe, the UK and New Zealand.

Nominated for 13 Greenroom Awards in Melbourne, winning Best Production twice for Die Roten Punkte and Best Writing for The Orchid and the Crow, winner of Best Comedy in Victoria, Best Solo and Most Outstanding show in Ottawa, Most Outstanding show for Die Roten Punkte and Best Solo Performer at the London Fringe, the TO&ST – Time Out & Soho Theatre Award and Total Theatre Award nominees in Edinburgh amongst many other awards.

More info:

In this episode:  We chat about working in a duo and what it takes to self-produce your work. Other topics include the Canadian touring circuit, the importance of talking with your venue, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the difference between producing in Australian and overseas.

Episode 6: Dan Koop – Artist & Producer

Dan Koop is an Artist, Producer and Facilitator who works with unusual sites and local communities. Creatively, he makes performance works in unusual and public spaces that engage audiences to become participants. Professionally, he has commissioned, developed and presented works for contemporary multi-artform festivals and venues. Dan is currently the Creative Program Producer for Melbourne Fringe and holds a Masters of Public Art from RMIT University.

In this episode – We talk about the role of working as an artist and producer, why five-year plans are crap for artists, and we have a robust discussion about the push to professionalism in the arts. More info:

Episode 5: Heather Croall – Director/CEO Adelaide Fringe

Heather first worked at the Fringe in the Star Club in the early 1990’s and also ran the film event, Shoot The Fringe from 1992 to 2002. After a decade away from Adelaide running a festival in the UK, Heather returned to take up the role of Director and CEO in 2015. She has a passion for rollerskating.  More info:

In this episode -we have a fascinating chat about what it really takes to be the Director of a major Fringe Festival. We discuss the misconceptions people have about the role and why it is not as glamorous as people think.  We also talk about what Adelaide Fringe have done to ensure artists will have more money in their box office settlements…yeah!

Episode 4:  Nikita Agzarian – Producer (Giant Dwarf)

Nikita started her career interning on The Chasers War on Everything in 2007. Since then she has worked across different media outlets and organisations, including ABC TV, Channel 7, Cordel Jigsaw Zapruder, Foxtel and Triple J. 

Drawing on her experience as a television producer, Nikita developed Giant Dwarf Theatre as a creative enterprise and as a business with the guys behind the Chaser. Nikita has developed, produced, curated and managed every aspect of the theatre for the past 3 years. More info:

In this episode – we talk about how to set up a theatre from scratch, the difference between working as a producer across different mediums – radio, television and live theatre, we get to find out how Giant Dwarf got its name and the importance of having mentors.

Episode 3:  Tom Velvick – Creative Producer + Director

Tom Velvick is a British independent producer running the Dead Man Label in the UK and Australia. Starting life as a Creative Director in London’s top Advertising Agency Wieden + Kennedy where he won several awards for his work with Nike, pushed Honda a little too far and created the UK’s first Spotify advert, Tom flew the nest and went Indie. After co-creating, directing and producing the multi-award winning show EastEnd Cabaret Tom then founded Dead Man the worlds first ‘Independent Comedy Label’ Named as one of the UK’s ‘Top 100 Creative People’ by Time Out London he has gone on to create award-winning shows like EastEnd Cabaret, Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar and his upcoming project The Little Death Club as well as produce shows by Tessa Waters, Tom Walker and Marcel Lucont. More info:

In this episode – we have a great chat about how to market a show, the importance of working in the now but also looking at the future opportunities for shows.  Some great tips in here on marketing, promoting and thinking outside the square.

Episode 2:  Jessica Darlow – Program Manager

Jessica Darlow has been working with Fringe World Festival since 2012 and held the role of Program Manager from 2013 to 2016. From its inception in 2011, Fringe World Festival has grown to become the largest annual arts event in Western Australia and the third largest Fringe in the world.

In her role as Program Manager, Jessica has worked on the Festival program as a whole, including Festival hub sites and independent venues and producers. Her contributions have been made across a range of areas from broad program strategy through to registration, scheduling and delivery with a team of dedicated producers. More info:

In this episode – we chat about what the role of a Program Manager is within a Fringe context, how the fringe has grown and why Perth audiences are bang up to go and see so many shows, what artists need to do more of and some great tips on working in this industry.

Episode 1:  Linda Catalano – Independent Producer

Linda Catalano is an Independent Producer with Australian and international experience as a programmer, manager and performer. She is currently Executive Producer at Briefs Factory, a company she founded with Fez Faanana, where she where she has Produced local and international tours for the company throughout the UK, Europe and Australia for their projects which include Briefs, Hot Brown Honey, Brat Kids Cabaret and Sweatshop.

In this episode – we chat about ALL things (good and bad) about producing. How we define the role of the Producer, the difference between producing shows in Australia and overseas, how to pick a great show and take a risk and so much more.  More info: