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This is a new podcast series where MILKE chats to Independent artists about all sorts of topics including festivals, touring, marketing, how to guide and lots more.

EP1: Artist Convo with Tessa Waters.  Topic:  Edinburgh Fringe

In this podcast, we chat with artist Tessa Waters about Edinburgh Fringe. Recorded in the final week of the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  There are some great nuggets of wisdom for artists who are going over to Edinburgh Fringe or thinking about it for next year!

You can find out more about Tessa Waters here.


A ten episode online series where MILKE goes behind all the smoke and mirrors and gets to the real stuff.  We talked with twelve artists about what really takes to be an artist?  Sometimes it’s just good to hear from other artists and know you’re in the same boat.  Knowing you’re not alone.  Sharing is caring…right?!

  • 01 - What’s it really like being an Artist?
  • 02 - How do you plan for a show?
  • 03 - How do you fund your shows?
  • 04 - What’s your strategy for getting shit done?
  • 05 - What’s the main thing you struggle with when you produce your own show?
  • 06 - How do you deal with stress leading up to a show?
  • 07 - What’s your go to strategy to stay sane during a festival or season?
  • 08 - What is the biggest mistake you have made and why?
  • 09 - How are you with the business side of show business?
  • 10 - What do you know now that you wished you had known when you started?

Big massive thanks to…

Filmed and Edited by Adam McKenzie (Meanwhile Media)

For more details on any of the artists featured in the online series, click on the names below…seriously, they are all great artists, and you should totally check them out!

Andi Snelling, Bron Batten, Daisy BerryDamian Callinan, David Maney, Geraldine Quinn, Helen Bower, Nadine Clarke, Robby LloydSarah Collins, Victoria Healy.